Steinberg UR824 with Linux - connections

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jack connections

When reading this section it will be useful to have in front of you the UR824 block diagrams from the operations manual. If you haven't got a good idea in your head of the structure inside the box, playing with the mixer program that came with it can also help.

From the qjackctl front-end, if you select the connections view, you will see the available capture inputs and playback outputs. This is the view with device_setup=1

I didn't find a way to label these in a more informative way, although you might like to experiment with the patchbay feature of qjackctl. This table describes what the plugs do do:

analogue 1 in --> capture_1 playback_1 --> Input to mix 1/2 L
analogue 2 in --> capture_2 playback_2 --> Input to mix 1/2 R
ADAT-A 1 in --> capture_9 playback_9 --> Input to FX bus L
ADAT-A 2 in --> capture_10 playback_10 --> Input to FX bus R
ADAT-A 3 in --> capture_11 playback_11 --> DAW 1/2 L
ADAT-A 4 in --> capture_12 playback_12 --> DAW 1/2 R
ADAT-B 1 in --> capture_17 playback_17 --> DAW 7/8 L
ADAT-B 2 in --> capture_18 playback_18 --> DAW 7/8 R

There's more about signals in the section on routing.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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