Steinberg UR824 with Linux - signal routing

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The UR824 is a complicated box inside. Again, have a look at the block diagram in the operations manual, or the following is not going to make much sense.

You can see a list of all the available controls:


or the detail of a particular control, including possible values:


You can also use alsamixer to see graphical representations of the controls, although since there are so many, it is a bit off-putting. It's good for setting routing options though, and quick adjustments so that you can get audio out of the box. It is not possible to set the pan controls with alsamixer because it does not handle negative values correctly.

For example, if you set the 'output level by knob' control to 'all' and then turn the Output Level knob on the front of the UR824, you can see the selected output level controls go up and down:


For a clever way of controlling lots of things at once, see my ur824ctl tool. There are some loose ends filed under technical.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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