Steinberg UR824 with Linux - the ur824ctl tool

The UR824 has a lot of routing and processing capabilities that allow monitoring without any audio going through your PC. The advantage of this is zero latency, your musicians can hear a mix without the delay that would occur by the sound going in and out of your PC.

In my driver, these functions are represented by a number of alsa controls, and most things can be made to work. The problem is that there are so many individual controls that the view in alsamixer can be quite scary. The command-line tool amixer works fine, but it can take a lot of single control changes to do one operation. For example, suppose you want to route a pair of UR824 inputs to a pair of outputs - there are mutes, solos, level controls, pan controls, master level, output routers which must all be set - or you will hear nothing.

One day, it would be good to make a tool similar to Envy 24 control, (volunteers? student project?) but in the meantime, I have written a command-line utility that will at least help. It allows you to do compound operations in one go - specifically it allows you to do the things that I have needed to do in one go.

There is a link to the tool at the bottom of this page, just download it, extract it, and put it in your path, or run it directly from the place where you downloaded it. The tool is clever enough to find your UR824, you don't need to give it the card number. Details of what is implemented in the current version can be seen with:


Here are some things it can do...

The most useful is to do everything required so that you can at least hear something coming out of your UR824.


will route signals on analog inputs 1/2 to analog outputs 3/4. If you look at the UR824 schematic, you'll see this can only be done via a mix bus. ur824ctl uses mix 1/2. The signal comes out of headphone 1 too.


will set up the UR824's internal routing so that monitoring can be handled entirely within ardour (or whatever you use on your PC). It therefore turns off all internal monitoring, and makes sure that only a single DAW output is feeding into each UR824 mix.


will set all controls whose names match the regular expression to the same value. You can see which controls by adding the -v option.

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Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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