minimyth upgrade to 0.26

Having previously upgraded minimyth to its latest version for mythtv 0.24, I today upgraded myth itself on my backend and various frontend clients, one of which uses minimyth. For minimyth, it is very good advice to upgrade first the minimyth version and then the mythtv version.

So I went from minimyth-0.24.3-82-x86_64 to minimyth-0.26.0-82-x86_64 and got a segfault as mythfrontend started. There is nothing much in the log to show a cause. I suspect this is the same problem as others have had going from 0.24 to 0.25 with the latest minimyth. As someone else had done, I tried minimyth-0.26.0-82 instead, and this works fine. So it will do as a solution for now.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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