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Minimyth on Zotac zbox ID84

This would have been posted in the forum, but I have not been able to create an account there.

I've finally decided to retire the EPIA ME2000 board that I was using as a Minimyth client. It was amazing that such a lowly platform managed to cope with it for so long, but now that mythtv has dropped support for XvMC there seemed no choice.

The Zotac zbox ID84 was no trouble to get going as a minimyth client. I'm rather under-using it though since at the moment it is only viewing standard definition content on a VGA input TV. So this is mostly a success story, but highlights some outstanding issues.

Arduino driver hardware for 0-10V power controller

I've been working on a project to send excess energy from my PV panels to the immersion heater.
I thought I would share the details in case they are useful. You are welcome to take this information as the basis of your own project, but I provide no guarantee as to its fitness or performance. Please remember that you must be suitably qualified to work on electrical equipment.

LightScribe on Linux - burning your own image on a CD

This is one of those "I hope this saves you the hour I have just wasted" articles.

I had to download a new version of LightScribe from because the old one was calling libraries no longer available with my distro, but the option to burn my own image disappeared.

Deodar itself

In case you are wondering about the choice of the word "Deodar", it is not a contraction of two people's name, it's a tree.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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