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New UR824 linux driver and ur824ctl tool


Last month I recorded my first real gig using the Steinberg UR824 and a Behringer BCF2000 with ardour3 under Linux, and it was perfect. Glitch free as far as I can tell, and the functionality was just as I needed.

The picture shows the ardour3 mixer, with one of its PFL buttons proudly illuminated. Why proud? Because this wass one of the wonders of going the Linux route, I was able to get true PFL functionality and modify the setup so it worked exactly as I wished when I pressed the buttons on the BCF2000 control surface.

Now of course nothing in the open source world is guaranteed, but if you'd like to try it, I've uploaded a new version of the driver to the installation page. I've also uploaded a new ur824ctl tool, that allows you to control the routing inside the UR824 in a top-down kind of way. All comments/encouragements gratefully received at code@deodar.org.uk

Steinberg UR824 with Linux - performance

This page presents some information on the stability of the driver under various conditions.

Of course the point of the UR824 is that it has very comprehensive monitoring and FX facilities in the box, so that for monitoring, you don't the audio path to go into the PC and back out. However, if latency is an issue in your application, here are some measurements.

So far, I have only tested with my i3-370M laptop. With a faster machine, you ought to be able to obtain lower latency.

Steinberg UR824 with Linux - the qjackctl patchbay


If you have a multi-channel sound card such as the UR824, it's worth getting over the initial hurdle of understanding the qjackctl patchbay. There is an excellent description available here which explains what it is for and how to use it.

Steinberg UR824 with Linux - signal routing

The UR824 is a complicated box inside. Again, have a look at the block diagram in the operations manual, or the following is not going to make much sense.

You can see a list of all the available controls:


or the detail of a particular control, including possible values:

Tuesday, 21st September 2021

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