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Web development

As a web developer, I specialise in sites for small organisations which need more sophistocation than simple static pages - they require some automation behind the scenes so that pages can be updated rapidly, or even automatically according to the date or situation.

For example, the English Arts Chorale has a list of forthcoming events - this page is automatically generated when it is needed so that only future events appear. Past events appear in a "previous concerts" page. The news page contains stories which can be easily updated so that information reaches its audience quickly There is also a section of the website for members only where news is posted, members contact details can be seen, and where the events page includes also internal events such as team meetings. The members contact information page is generated automatically from the current database so it is always up-to-date.

This approach might be the right choice for you if:

  • you need pages to update automatically
  • you want different members of your organisation to have be able to create content (such as news stories) for your site
  • you want to offer on-line sales (such as tickets for your concerts)
  • you want to generate contact lists of your members

If you'd like to talk about the requirements of your own website, you are welcome to contact code@deodar.org

This is a selection of Deodar websites:

English Arts Chorale front page

The English Arts Chorale wanted a site which fitted with their corporate look, offering a clean, professional view. The site is frequently updated with news about forthcoming concerts.

Danacarpano front pageThe client for this site need only a few standard pages to advertise her business. She already had the graphical look designed, but wanted it brought to life with animation.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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