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Surrey Downs honey 1lb jar

These bees live just off the Pilgrims’ Way in Caterham, so they are on the beautiful chalk downland. They do a lot of honey gathering in the spring working the swathes of meadow flowers.

Bob’s tasting notes: this year the Surrey Downs honey is quite mellow, it has a lovely smooth texture and a finish of bramble.

Surrey honey 1lb jar

Honey from our apiary right in the heart of Caterham-on-the-hill, these colonies have access to the local park and the huge variety of forage available in local gardens.

Bob’s tasting notes: the lime trees didn’t yield well this year, so this is a typical suburban multi-floral honey. It has a smooth texture, and a rounded taste with slight hint of maltiness.

2023 crop is now in

It’s been a tricky year with the weather, super hot in June, then unsettled until the autumn. The bees have done well though, and we currently have a good stock of honey.

Our honey was available at East Side Deli on the High Street until it closed so you may already recognise it. Now you can buy it directly from us.


Competitive Honey shows are a tradition amongst beekeepers. Everyone takes great pride in making sure the honey is the best is can be.

Our honey won 1st place in the Croydon honey show, and 2nd in the South of England honey show, so it is officially good stuff! The honey is judged on taste and aroma, as well as presentation.

How to get hold of some …

Get in touch by email and arrange to come and collect it from Caterham-on-the-hill. Or if we can walk to you in 10 minutes we will deliver for free … how green is that?!