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New UR824 linux driver and ur824ctl tool


Last month I recorded my first real gig using the Steinberg UR824 and a Behringer BCF2000 with ardour3 under Linux, and it was perfect. Glitch free as far as I can tell, and the functionality was just as I needed.

The picture shows the ardour3 mixer, with one of its PFL buttons proudly illuminated. Why proud? Because this wass one of the wonders of going the Linux route, I was able to get true PFL functionality and modify the setup so it worked exactly as I wished when I pressed the buttons on the BCF2000 control surface.

Now of course nothing in the open source world is guaranteed, but if you'd like to try it, I've uploaded a new version of the driver to the installation page. I've also uploaded a new ur824ctl tool, that allows you to control the routing inside the UR824 in a top-down kind of way. All comments/encouragements gratefully received at

Pre Fade Listen (PFL) in DAW software - Ardour v Cubase - and which is really free?

I bought my Steinberg UR824 in the hope of getting it to work with Linux, and on the basis that in the mean time I'd have to let go of Ardour in favour of the version of Cubase AI with which it is bundled.

In this article I want to talk about monitoring. I come from the background of using live desks, mostly for broadcast, where you need the concept of Pre Fade Listen (PFL) rather than Solo. WIth Solo, the effect is to mute all the other channels, so the mixes are all affected. With PFL, the selected channel is routed to your headphones or monitoring speakers, but all the mixes stay as they are.

Steinberg UR824 with Linux

I am working on an alsa driver that will allow the Steinberg UR824 to be used with Linux, and therefore with Ardour. I should say that I have no great knowledge of the internals of alsa, so any comments on how I have done this, experiences if you try it yourself, or help with making the solution more widely available would be welcome to

minimyth upgrade to 0.26

Having previously upgraded minimyth to its latest version for mythtv 0.24, I today upgraded myth itself on my backend and various frontend clients, one of which uses minimyth. For minimyth, it is very good advice to upgrade first the minimyth version and then the mythtv version.

Saturday, 27th November 2021

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