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Steinberg UR824 with Linux - connections

jack connections

When reading this section it will be useful to have in front of you the UR824 block diagrams from the operations manual. If you haven't got a good idea in your head of the structure inside the box, playing with the mixer program that came with it can also help.

Steinberg UR824 with Linux - configuration

At least for the moment, some configuration options have to be specified when the alsa driver is loaded. These are the options which affect the number of audio channels which are carried. A "magic number" has to be supplied to the driver via the device_setup parameter as follows:

Steinberg UR824 with Linux - technical points

This page is a combination of explanations, and ToDo items.

Steinberg UR824 with Linux - installation

To get my UR824 solution to work, you have to make modifications to the alsa snd-usb-audio module. These days alsa is integrated into the kernel, so building it separately can be a bit tricky depending on the distribution you are using. I am no alsa expert, so all I can do is tell you how I got it to work. My modifications extend the functionality of the alsa usb audio module, it should still work with any other devices that use it. Don't forget that if you update your kernel, you will have to repeat the process of building and installing the modified module.

Saturday, 23rd October 2021

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